8'x12' Chicken Coop with 8' Run, Solar Chicken Door and Two 4-Section Nesting Boxes. ---Cash Price: $6,344 -3yr: $294/mo. -4yr: $265/mo. -5yr: $235/mo.
---Classic Mountain (Barn) Red and White roof/trim. Always in style in the Midwest! 8'x12' Chicken Coop with 8' run, solar chicken door and two 4-section nesting boxes. Options available for hardwire cloth over standard chicken wire, longer runs, insulation floor, walls and roof with wall covering, electric and more! Coop sizes up to 14'x50' and conventional building sizes up to 16'x50'. Which size of coop and options will work for you? Built with pride by our Amish builders at D&M! Many color options!