Chicken Coops

Every hen house we construct is made with the highest quality materials. We have a range of features to keep your chickens safe and secure throughout the year, be it a backyard chicken coop with nesting boxes, or just a regular chicken coop. 

Chicken Coops That Have Been Pre-Built and Delivered

We have everything you need for your backyard chickens, from little backyard chicken coop with runs to chicken coops on wheels and even enormous hen houses that can contain up to 100 chickens! Looking to purchase a chicken coop that will complement your home and provide your chickens with a comfortable living environment? To find out which of our coops is suitable for you, give us a call today!


In contrast to the confinement that factory-farmed hens face, when chickens are permitted to roam freely within a chicken coop or backyard, they produce excellent free-range eggs. Call today to order your new chicken coop and start collecting fresh, free-range eggs right from your own backyard!

We cater Topeka KS, Overland Park, and other neighboring cities around Harvey County.

What sets us apart from the competition? Chicken Coops from Projective Portable Buildings are available in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as customized choices, so you may create Kansas City's perfect backyard chicken coop for your needs. You'll be able to look for your chickens in style and comfort...and they'll repay you with high-quality eggs!

Are you undecided on the style to choose?

Our customer service representative can assist you in determining which coop is ideal for you and your chickens. Give us a call today to learn more about our coop add-on options, which include a variety of color options and a customizable chicken coop!

There are many types of chicken coops available on the market today. Some coops are essentially raised beds with two or three nesting boxes. Some hens lay more eggs at different times, so they should be confined for a longer period of time. These pens can be purchased from a home improvement store or online for a fraction of the cost of a custom coop. In order to increase productivity, a coop should have a well-stocked feeder.

Projective Portable Buildings is rated A+ in BBB rating!

We would love to help you find your Overland Park, Topeka Ks, and all over Kansas City Chicken coop designed by either our store, or your very own customized backyard chicken coop.

Chicken Coop designed by the experts in Projective Portable Buildings are famous for being Kansas City's most durable and Highest-quality in BBB rating!

You can schedule a virtual tour with us so we can still help you choose even if you are a thousand miles away and just have your chosen coop delivered to you at the comfort of your home!