Portable Buildings

Projective Portable Buildings has been a leading supplier of custom buildings, greenhouses, and metal carports for years. We are committed to our customers, delivering quality products here in Newton Kansas and coast to coast. Every building constructed by Projective Portable Buildings uses high-quality materials, from treated floors, regular roof, and walls to our custom electrical packages.

Projective Portable Buildings strives to be Kansas’s leading portable building company!

Projective Portable Buildings provides portable buildings for sale to fit every style and budget in Newton Kansas.

Metal barn building is also one of our offered products and we can guarantee you that our metal shed can withstand any Newton Kansas harsh weather condition. We offer various building styles by our expert building designer team to meet your standard custom build goals.

We cater to the specific needs of our Kansas clients by meeting all local building permit standards and codes. Every building that leaves our facilities is constructed with the highest-quality materials, building components and innovative design and engineering.

We are committed to providing your custom build portable buildings with meticulous choice of building components.

You can entrust Projective Portable Buildings with your barn cabin, storage sheds, commercial buildings, and so much more!

We build the finest metal buildings, hickory sheds, all custom build, in Harvey County.
You can have your portable building within reach either buy or rent to own through our affordable options

With every new product, Projective Portable Buildings provides our customers a FREE lifetime Warranty! We guarantee your building is free from defects in material and workmanship from delivery and installation. By using only quality materials, each manufacturer offers separate coverage.

When it comes to choosing portable buildings that you would be using either as commercial buildings or something just add up in your backyard, considering various types of barn prices can definitely save you effort and money as well as comparing building prices whether it fits your budget and needs for the building or it might be too much. Rent To Own metal buildings can also help you have your portable structure even if you don't have the full budget yet.

Why use Projective Portable Buildings for your portable buildings?

The expertise our building designer and engineers use far exceeds industry standards. This experience results in peace of mind for you and the valuables you want to protect. Rest assured, our buildings will store your belongings and protect assets while keeping you within budget.

Our storage buildings in Newton Kansas have always been unmatched and we aim to keep it going that way!

The storage units that we take pride of are made out of the finest building components
Whether you need a commercial metal building, a pre-fab shop, or a home storage structure, our goal is to provide the highest quality available. We design our buildings so that it serves your needs effectively for years to come.

One of our true strengths is providing a collection of high-quality portable buildings at an affordable price with various possibilities.

Get rid of the never-ending monthly bills to store your stuff! Contact one of our sales experts today and start saving money!
We offer various designs that would definitely not compromise your budget. Be it steel barns, lofted barn, Car garage, steel carport, horse barns, utility shed, and more!

If you are planning on building a portable building in the future you will want to familiarize yourself with the uses for them and how to build portable buildings in detail.

 A portable, or demountable, building is usually a building constructed and designed to be portable rather than immobile. Some examples of portable buildings you may hear of our barns, cabins, tents, shelters, lofts, shops, industrial units, warehouses, and even prisons.

In this dayand age there are many uses for portable utility building. Many companies use portable buildings to build temporary structures, storage units, and even offices when they need to move their equipment somewhere else. In the construction industry they are also used to construct large buildings, such as warehouses, storage facilities, office buildings, and even prisons. Portable buildings can be made of metal, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete and they can be assembled relatively easily with the proper tools.

When it comes to steel building kits, there are several possibilities. Some businesses have a limited number of floorplans to choose from and limited modification choices. Others provide an almost infinite amount of options for customizing and constructing your steel structure. 

Steel structure is extremely durable and can generally resist even the harshest weather conditions. With so many steel building kit possibilities, it's probable that you'll be able to discover a structure that meets your home or business demands.

You are more than welcome to compare our building prices to others as well as the quality and we are confident that we stand out!