12’x12′ Octagon Gazebo $6,337
---Shown with wood sealer and Charcoal metal roof. Ready to place at that special spot and provide shade for enjoying the outdoors! Perfect for sitting/dining areas, jacuzzi enclosure, tea parties.... Sizes available from 8’x8′ up to 16’x16′ in Octagon and up to 24' rectangle. Very wide delivery range! Made by Amish Craftsmen. 5yr. Craftsmanship warranty.

Sunrise 5-24-24. 6:24 am. 60 deg. before declination.  ---Was just a little late this morning to get sun just over the horizon. Pleasant peaceful morning with lots of bird chatter. Wishing everyone a great Friday and Weekend!

5% Summer Sale 8'x12' Standard Barn.  -5% Sale: $2,893. Orig: $3,045. -3yr: $134/mo. -4yr: $121/mo.  ---Low-pro and effective! An unassuming package to fit/place in a variety of locations and provide the needed extra space! Shown with Chestnut urethane sides, Light Stone metal roof and Almond trim. Bicycles, mowers, camping gear.... How could you use a building just like this? Made by our talented Amish/Mennonite builders! Standard Barn sizes up to 12'x16' and building sizes available up to 16'x50'.  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment

We have lived the experience! Trees and power poles down everywhere. Houses, garages, businesses with broken windows, broken walls, roofs completely or partially removed. Days without power and active keeping generators going protecting food in freezers/refrigerators etc. —As we are digging our way out and seeing what needs to be done, some structures will need to be repaired, some demolished and replaced etc. Let us know if we can help with a small carport structure, garage/shop and large structures 60′ wide and wider. 4 week delivery/build times. 10yr. windstorm anchor/support packages are purchased by almost every customer. Wishing everyone courage, strength and energy moving forward!

Gasoline in Diesel Fuel Mistake Hack. ---This morning after making a delivery, I went to the fuel pump to fill up. I absent mindedly started the gasoline pump running and realized 1 gallon in. I immediately stopped the pump and filled up the rest with diesel and drove to our office. Around 30 gal. diesel to 1 gal. gas ratio. After calling an old seasoned mechanic, he said to put in a quart of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). He said it is actually good on traditional diesels for lubrication. We have put in the ATF and will see how this goes. Just passing on the hack (Hopefully it works). (Contact your personal professionals before trying anything drastic. Obviously much more ie. 2 gal. and above might require draining the mixed fuel.)

Sunrise 5-23-24. 6:18 am. 54 deg. before declination.  ---Cool, still and clear this morning. 55 deg. Wishing everyone a productive/prosperous day!

5% Spring Sale. 8'x12' Lofted Barn  ---5% Sale: $3,415. Orig: $3,595 -3yr: $158/mo. -4yr: $142/mo.  ---A little mighty storage option! 8'x12' of floor space with 8'x8' of loft storage! An amazing amount of storage in this building! Shown with Chestnut urethane sides, Black metal roof and Black trim. Christmas decorations, school projects, fishing poles, bicycles, mowers... What all could be stored in here? Sizes available up to 16'x50'! Made with care by our Amish/Mennonite builders!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment

5% Spring Sale 12'x16' Lofted Barn.  ---5% Sale: $5,890. Orig. $5,745. 3yr: $273/mo. 4yr: $245/mo. 5yr: $218/mo.  ---A lovely building to place and function for years to come! Shown with White sides, Black metal roof and Black trim. 160 sq. ft. of storage with 4' of loft storage on each end! Room for mowers, workbenches, exercise equipment, chainsaws.... "She Shed," Man-Cave and more! Plenty of room in this building! Ready to move into place or make new to your size, style and options! Sizes available up to 16'x50'! Made with care by our Amish/Mennonite builders!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment

15% Discount 10'x16' Metro Garden Shed with Windows, Shutters and Transom Windows.  ---15% Sale: $4,934. Orig. $5,805. -3yr: $228/mo. -4yr: $205/mo.  ---Our unique Metro Garden Shed for a special look! Shown with Truffle sides, Taupe Metal Roof and Almond trim. She-Shed, storage, bicycles, mowers, rakes.... Many uses for such a lovely building! Made by our outstanding Amish/Mennonite builders. Garden Shed sizes up to 10'x20' and building sizes up to 16'x50'.  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment

8'x16' Restroom/Storage Building Without Floor. Single Pitch Roof with 2' Over-Hang.  ---$8,439. 3yr: 391/mo. 4yr: $382/mo. 5yr: $339/mo.  ---A building made to function! Open floor to mount over the concrete, plumbing etc... Sizes up to 16'x50' with an almost unlimited amount of options! Let us know how we can make that perfect building for the perfect situation!