10% Lot Discount 10'x16' Cabana  ---10% Sale: $4,901. Orig. $5,445. -3yr: $227/mo. -4yr: $204/mo.  ---A pleasant addition to a peaceful landscape! Morning teas, afternoon visits, evening gatherings... Reflections anytime! --Shown with Honey Gold stain and Burnished Slate roof. Cabana sizes range from 10'x12' up to 16'x24'. Construction shows the care of our Amish/Mennonite builders!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment on 3yr. and 4yr. plans.

16'x50' Finished Lofted Barn Cabin Tiny Home.  ---Price as shown with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and mini-split ac/heat: $143,000. Same options without loft: $133,000. As an uninsulated shell, price is $34,000.  ---Tiny House with loft storage showcasing pop-up dormer, island in kitchen and our handy-work on the insides. Custom local cabinetry.  ---Look through the photos and take a virtual tour. We can make changes as desired. Sizes with 1 bedroom start at 16'x32' available with or without loft. Let us quote your sketch and create the building just for you!

8'x12' Chicken Coop with 12' run and two 4-section nesting boxes.  ---$6,600. -3yr: $306/mo. -4yr: $275/mo. -5yr: $244/mo.  ---A pleasant looking Chicken Coop to function in your location! Shown with Chestnut urethane sides, Hunter Green metal roof and Metal Max Green trim. Room for few or many birds! Options for coop up to 14'x50', solar chicken door, longer run area, electric, hardwire cloth over standard chicken wire and more! Built with pride by our Amish builders! Many color options!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment.

12'x20' Greenhouse with Electric Exhaust Fan.  ---$8,398. -3yr: $879/mo., -4yr: $313/mo. -5yr: $278/mo.  ---What a beauty! Quality greenhouse standing, waiting to grow stuff! Cool nights with chances of frost, sunny days with some wind and plants with water and soil make a growing combination! Spring on jumpstart! Shown with covered Beige Urethane sides. Options for wall-mounted and center shelves, more windows, electric and more! Sizes up to 16'x50'! Made with pride by our outstanding Amish craftsmen! Many color options to choose from!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment.

5% Spring Sale 10'x14' Side Utility.  ---5% Sale: $4,190. Orig: $4,410. -3yr: $194/mo. 4yr: $175/mo.  ---Simple and classic. 10'x14' Utility with offset door to fit a desired application. Shown in Barn Red sides, Charcoal metal roof and White trim. Simple storage, lawn-mowers, weed eaters...., small workshop/office, He/She-Shed and many other uses! This size or different? Sizes available up to 16'x50'! Made by our outstanding Amish/Mennonite craftsmen!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment on 3yr. and 4yr. plans.

Composite Poly Bar Height Table and Chair Set.  ---4'x4' Bar height table: $975. ---Bar Height Chairs: $480/ea.  ---Versatile and beautiful! Ready to place in the patio, on the deck or any preferred special spot! Shown with Weathered Wood tops and Black bases. Set can be made as normal height or bar-height. We continue to try to meet the demand to keep this extraordinary furniture in stock! Amish craftsmanship! Locally made! This high-quality chair and table set will last year after year with little-to-no fading! 5yr. craftsmanship warranty!

5% Spring Sale 16'x32' Utility "Cabin"  ---5% Sale: $15,996. Orig: $16,838. -3yr: 741/mo. -4yr: $667/mo. 5yr: $592/mo.  ---Utility dressed like a house and ready to be finished like one! Custom ordered for a customer. Shown in Chestnut urethane sides, Fern Green metal roof and Hunter Green paint. Office, "Tiny Home," guest house and more! Sizes available up to 16'x50'! Many colors to choose from! Made by our talented Amish/Mennonite builders!  ---RTO down-payment is $750 security deposit plus 1 month's payment

22'x20'x8' Vertical Roof Carport  ------Cash Price: $4,260. -RTO Options available.  ---22'x20'x8'T Best Choice! Vertical Roof Carport! Perfect to park the cars, boat, and any other item that needs to stay out of the weather! We have options to go up to 30' wide by any length and up to 13' tall sides closing in sides and ends as desired! We have regular style with horizontal roof that wraps around corner and horizontal boxed eave styles as well!

14'x42' Horse Loafing Shed (Barn), 3 Stalls, 6' Tack Room ---Cash Price: $14,898 -3yr: $690/mo. -4yr: $621/mo. -5yr: $552/mo. ---A beautiful 14'x42' Horse Loafing Shed with 2 divider walls (3 stalls) and 6' tack room. Shown with Charcoal metal sides, Alamo white metal roof and trim. Ready to place and provide shelter for those beloved animals! Sizes available from 10'x12' up to 14'x50'! Options for divider walls, close in stalls, stall doors, gates and more available! Made by our talented Amish builders! Which size will work for you?  --RTO down-payment is 2 month's payment.

5% Winter Sale 12'x24' Garage with Rubberized Floor  ---5% Sale: 10,169. Orig: $10,704 -3yr: $471/mo. -4yr: $424/mo. -5yr: $377/mo.  ---Garage ready to stand test of being used! 12'x24' Garage, storage, workshop, UTVs, "She Shed," "Man-Cave" and more! Shown with Pecan sides, Alamo White metal roof and White trim. Sizes available up to 16'x50'! Many colors to choose from! Made by our talented Amish/Mennonite builders!