14'x42' Horse Loafing Shed (Barn), 3 Stalls, 6' Tack Room ---Cash Price: $14,898 -3yr: $690/mo. -4yr: $621/mo. -5yr: $552/mo. ---A beautiful 14'x42' Horse Loafing Shed with 2 divider walls (3 stalls) and 6' tack room. Shown with Charcoal metal sides, Alamo white metal roof and trim. Ready to place and provide shelter for those beloved animals! Sizes available from 10'x12' up to 14'x50'! Options for divider walls, close in stalls, stall doors, gates and more available! Made by our talented Amish builders! Which size will work for you?  --RTO down-payment is 2 month's payment.

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