Chicken Coops for Chicken Birds!  ---Houses for those backyard cluckers! Complete with roosting bars, nesting boxes chicken ramp or solar door, man-sized door, with and without run....
---Options for rubberized floor, spray-foam insulation with wood sheeting, 20 amp electric, hardwire cloth (Welded Wire) upgrade on roost instead of chicken wire (Some people say a racoon can rip through the chicken wire) and more!  ---Standard pricing includes single 5-section nesting box, ramp chicken door, roost bars, three 2x3 windows and man-sized door.  8'x12': $3,914. With 8' run: $5,879.  8'x16': $5,143. With 12' run: $7,664.  10'x16': $5,963 With 12' run: $9,595.  12'x20': $11,667. With 16' run: $16.025.  ---Coop sizes available in-between and up to 14'x50'. Longer run lengths available up to 50' total length. or as stand alone. Built with pride by our Amish builders! Many color options!

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