32'x25'x16' Free Span Truss Building Covered One Side with 12' Lean To.
---$22,549. As shown with Truss gable and covered legs. Gallery Blue roof and legs and White sides. Truss Buildings available up to 90' wide and 500 plus ft. long. Options for full enclosures, garage doors, frame-outs etc. We are presently 4 weeks from order to delivery and setup! Price includes delivery and installation! We can deliver all over Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas! We can do full orders over the phone and email! No distance restrictions necessary!  Truss style buildings available in widths from 32' up to 90' and up to 18' wall height. Common Truss building sizes both covered sides and open sides: 32'x25'x12', 40'x40'x16', 50'x100'x18', 60'x150'x18'... Sizes in-between and larger ordered all the time.  Carport sizes start at 12' wide. Common Carport/Garage sizes: 12'x21'x8', 18'x21'x8, 18'x36'x13', 24'x25'x8', 30'x40'x10