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Keeping hens is gratifying for a variety of reasons - it's not just about the eggs, after all! Anyone new to the backyard chicken scene or considering joining in the fun might not realize that they're also fantastic for gardens, as family pets, and so much more!

Here are just a few of the incredible advantages that backyard chicken keepers all over the world are reaping!

1. Pest Control That Is All-Natural

To a chicken, flies, mosquitos, insects, and bugs spell DINNER TIME! Chickens adore eating all of the backyard pests that may wreak havoc on gardeners' hard work. It's a win-win situation: your hens will be well fed, and your plants will continue to develop as nature intended!

2. Eggs (fresh)

Who among us does not enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast? Nobody? That's exactly what we were thinking! We had to mention eggs at some point - after all, it's a fantastic bonus!

Fresh eggs from well-fed, free-range hens are far superior to store-bought eggs. Not only do you gain pleasure and excitement from gathering eggs every morning, but they are also healthier for your health nutritionally! They have more Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3, Beta Carotene, and less saturated fat, to name a few benefits. You're also not contributing to the factory farming system by using fresh eggs from your backyard chickens instead of store-bought eggs. Chickens are frequently forced to horrible conditions in order to produce eggs, so you can relax and enjoy your fresh eggs knowing that they were laid in a comfortable and natural manner.

3. The Most Beneficial Compost for Your Gardens

Chicken litter may not seem pleasant to you, but it's bliss for your plants! All gardeners understand the importance of good compost, and compost with chicken litter added to the mix is one of the best fertilizers you can employ. You can even toss the entire coop bedding into the compost when it's time to switch it out - it's a simple disposal method that turns trash into fertiliser gold! In our article, Chicken Litter Compost vs. Synthetic Fertilizer, we go over how to include it into your compost and the advantages of preparing it yourself over buying synthetics.

4. Lifelong friends!

Many chicken keepers like looking after their flock, not just because of the delicious fresh eggs they provide, but also because of the company they bring. Most domestic chicken breeds develop a strong attachment with their owners, greeting them in the morning, climbing on their laps for cuddles, and pottering around the garden while you're doing your gardening. If you're seeking for a wonderful pet that will quickly become a member of your family, look no further.

The advantages of keeping hens go far beyond having fresh eggs every day - while that is a wonderful reward! If you're considering getting hens, bear in mind that they can help your garden thrive, make fantastic companions for your kids, and keep pests at bay!

Giving your chickens the perfect coop to live in is the greatest way to ensure they live happy, healthy, and stress-free lives, so you can continue to reap the advantages. Chickens require a variety of items to keep comfortable, including nesting boxes, perches, ventilation, and more. All of our coops are built for safety, security, and to meet the needs of your flock.

Aside from the numerous advantages of raising chickens, there are numerous more factors to consider while becoming a chicken parent, ranging from health to nutrition. Many chicken keepers battle with health and behavior difficulties in their flocks, especially in the first few years.