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Aisle barns, shedrow barns, and run-in sheds are all examples of boarding facilities. When it comes to equine housing, there are so many alternatives that deciding which one is ideal for you and your horse can be challenging!

While you might not think of a portable run-in shed as one of your first options, there is a case to be made for the advantages they provide you, your horse, and your land. Check out our top five reasons to get a portable run-in shed from our staff!

1) Simple to Maintain

The effort required to keep a run-in shed in good functioning order is far less than that required to keep a full aisle barn or horse stable in good working order. There's significantly less for you to clean and refill because your horse isn't trapped in one of these shelters.

2) Your Horse's Freedom

How would you like to spend the most of your life confined in a stall where you can hardly turn around? You wouldn't do it, and your horse doesn't either! They have the freedom to walk about and enjoy the outdoors whenever they want with a run-in shed. They'll have a safe haven to return to when they're fatigued or in need of protection.

3) Fire Protection

The threat of a barn fire is always terrifying. You won't have to worry about your horse becoming stuck inside if you keep them in a portable run-in shed. Furthermore, these structures have a lower fire danger than full-sized barns!

4) Cost-effectiveness

Run-in shelters are long-lasting and sturdy, without the expensive cost of a new horse barn! A run-in shed is a low-cost investment that will offer your horse with the long-term weather protection they require.

5) Convenience and flexibility

One of the most appealing features of a movable run-in shed is its ability to be moved around your property to meet your changing demands. You have the option of moving your shed or bringing it with you if you need to change the layout of your pasture or paddock, or if you are moving to a different property.

At Projective Movable Buildings, we design portable run-in sheds with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to assure their quality for years to come! Our sheds come in three sizes to accommodate all types of horses and give security and comfort.

To discover more about our run-in shed alternatives and to select a structure that meets your needs, contact our staff today!