Whitney Summers

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Whitney Summers Photography

Whether you are looking for a beautiful wedding or a simple family photo shoot, Whitney Summers Photography will deliver a quality result. These photographers specialize in portraits and fashion, and all of their photos are beautiful. While some photographers specialize in particular genres, Whitney has expanded her work to cover a range of subjects. This portfolio focuses on people and places. A recent exhibition, Summer Unsense, showcases some of her work.

Whitney Summers

Whitney Summers was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1928. She was the daughter of Harry Summers and Wilda Buffington. Her father passed away when she was 12 years old, and she later lived with her mother in Greensburg. She had a couple of sisters and two brothers, and had two sisters and one brother. In 1893, Whitney and her siblings moved to Los Angeles, where she would later get a job and a home of her own.