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Premium Package

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The Premium Package is an optional add-on for the C250 Coupe, while the SLK350 and SLK55 AMG come standard. It includes heated seats, AIRSCARF, a 500-watt harman-kardon surround sound system, and a media interface. However, the Premium Package is not available for the SLS-Class Coupe or G-Class SUV. Instead, it comes with a different set of features that are included with the Premium 1 and S-Class models.

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Premium Pkg

If you are looking for a storage building that matches your style, look no further than the Premium Utility Cabin. This storage building is designed with a door that opens to a bay window and a four foot front porch. The Premium Utility Cabin comes with a 36" x 80" steel/fiberglass door and five 24" x 36" single hung vinyl windows. There are two workbenches, and the height of the peak is 11'5.5".

The Tool Shed is a compact, economical, and versatile storage solution. The 12-foot Handyman shed is an excellent choice for a medium-sized home or business. The six-foot x 12-foot building has double doors that open to a 67-inch opening. Its slatted design lets air flow through it easily, keeping the temperature consistent and unwanted odors dissipating quickly.

The Bin Shed can accommodate two wheelie bins and is 6ft wide. It has a 24" x 36" window and a 34" x 67" door. The Slim Shed comes with a shingled roof, but an optional metal roof is available for a fee. The Standard Slim Shed is available in six feet by 12". It requires an 8' width and fourteen feet in height to be delivered. The Floor of the Premium Pakage Shed weighs 40 lbs per square foot.

The Standard Tool Shed has an eight-foot sidewall height, making it easy to fit through gates. Its window is 24" x 36" and its doors are 34" wide with a 67" opening. The Premium Utility Shed also features a six-foot by twelve-foot option. This shed is designed to be multi-functional, with its four-foot by twelve-foot capacity, and a peak height of 10'7".

The Slim Shed is six feet wide, which makes it easy to pass through gates. It features a 24" window and a 34" double door with a 67" opening. The Standard Utility Shed comes in six feet by twelve feet. It is only available in four foot and ten feet. The Standard unit has an eight-foot wide and a peak height of 10'7". The Deluxe Utility Shed has the option to be customized.

The Bin Shed is available in two sizes. A single unit can hold a single wheelie bin. A double unit has two wheels and two doors. The Quad unit can hold four wheelie bins. A triple unit is ideal for a four-wheelie bin and five. The Double Unit is available in double-door configurations. The Triple Shed is two-doors wide. The 10-foot building is a great addition to any yard.

The Garden Shed has a unique roof design that provides added weather protection. A deluxe version of this building includes a 24'' window and shutters with a flower box. The ten-foot width building has a single door, while a twelve-foot wide building has double doors. The interior sidewalls are 7'8' high. A 12-foot-wide structure can accommodate a steel door.