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Chinese Portable Garage

A Chinese portable garage is a perfect solution to your storage needs. The canopy is 7.3 meters wide and is able to fit two cars. The 7.5-metre-long structure has a door entry of 4.0 metres and is constructed using 300-gram-per-square-meter PE fabric. It can also be used to park motorcycles. These garages are very affordable and can be moved from place to place.

The dome-shaped garage can be pitched in a parking spot or anywhere else. It has a hard back and a retractable over head cover. The patented design makes it easy to operate and can be placed in any parking space. The dome-shaped structure offers a protective and convenient storage for your vehicle. You can park it in it for long periods of time and it can protect your vehicle from the harsh environment.

It can be placed anywhere. It is a convenient and flexible car storage solution. With its dome-shaped design, it can be parked in any parking space. The hard back and retractable over-head cover make it easy to store your vehicle. The garages are easy to use, and they can be controlled with remote controls. It also provides extra protection for your vehicle. When not in use, they can be used as a storage shed.