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Allen Portable Buildings

Allen Portable Buildings, Inc. is a business located in Sikeston, Missouri. It is part of the Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing industry. The company currently has 14 employees and a total annual sales volume of $1.14 million. It also has several locations throughout the United States. Its website offers contact information and hours of operation. For more information, visit its website or call (816) 899-4400.

Portable Buildings Sikeston MO

If you need a portable building, you can find one in Sikeston, MO. Allen Portable Buildings is a local, family-owned company that provides a variety of portable buildings. This business can be found at 17875 US Highway 61. You can call them at for pricing, or to learn more about their services. There are eight different styles of buildings, and they can store just about anything you want.

A-1 Portable Buildings offers three varieties of buildings. The first is the Painted Wood Building, which can match the color of your house, or subdivision requirements. This material is inexpensive and requires very little maintenance. It is available in a variety of colors, and comes standard with either a metal roof or a shingle roof. You can also customize the windows and shutters to make them more personalized. And since they are made of vinyl, you won't have to worry about fading or chipping.

For an affordable and stylish building, choose a Painted Wood Building. These buildings are available in 13 different colors and can match your house and subdivision requirements. The Painted Wood Buildings also feature high quality 15-year Sherwin Williams paint and shingles. There are also optional windows and shutters, and you can customize your building to meet the needs of your business. And they require minimal maintenance. You can use them for any purpose, whether it is for business or for personal use.

If you want to buy a Painted Wood Building, you will have three options. The Painted Wood Buildings are an economical choice and can match the color of your house or subdivision. They are also available with shingle or metal roofs. They are easy to maintain and will last for many years. These buildings come with windows and shutters, and are also available with metal or shingle roofs. Unlike the Vinyl Buildings, they require virtually no maintenance.

The Painted Wood Building is a popular choice for portable buildings because it is both beautiful and economical. Its 50-year siding and fifteen-year Sherwin Williams paint are both durable and long-lasting. It is also easy to maintain because it is made of vinyl, which is low-maintenance and withstands rain and snow. The Painted Wood Building is an economical choice for businesses and homeowners. A-1 Portable Buildings offers three types of Buildings for you to choose from.

Vinyl Buildings are a cost-efficient and durable option for homes. These buildings come with a shingle roof and can match the color of your house or subdivision. They are ideal for home or business uses. They are easy to maintain and can be used as a storage building for a variety of purposes. A-1 Portable Buildings offers 3 types of buildings. These include the Painted Wood and Painted Metal buildings.