Chana Barn Sale

Pre built portable buildings and sheds for sale. Buildings for many uses!
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Chana Barn Sale

Chana Barn Sale is a great place to buy used goods. This farm auction is held weekly on Tuesdays. During the auctions, you can find everything from small animals to farm equipment and furniture. For a chance to win some great deals, check out the items being offered. This is a great place to buy a variety of things that may not be available anywhere else. It is the perfect place to get a good deal and pick up some great items at a low price.

Chana Sale Barn

If you're looking to buy a truck, the Chana Sale Barn may be the right place for you. This auction house is located at 620 S Stonehill Road in Chana, IL. The business conducts weekly auctions on Tuesdays. You can find many different types of trucks and other large items at these sales. You can also find smaller items that you can't find at larger auction houses. The business has been around for 125 years, and you can bid on some amazing deals.