10% Discount 10x16 Side Utility Lot Model

Price: 10% Sale: $4,550. Orig. $5,055
Price Per Month: 3yr: $211/mo. -4yr: $190/mo. -5yr: $168/mo.

10% Sale. Lot 10'x16' Side Utility with Windows and Shutters.    ---A beautiful building at a bargain price! 2022 model. 10% discount. One of our most common sizes fitting mowers, weed-eaters, rakes, bicycles and many other storage needs! Shown in Barn Red sides , Alamo White metal roof and White trim. Sizes available up to 16'x50'! Made with care by our Amish/Mennonite builders!  ---RTO down-payment is 1 month's payment.

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