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Back Shed

The concept for Back Shed Brewing began with a simple dream. Brothers Andrew and Adam Schlecht traveled across the United States to taste and experience the best craft beers. They cherished the local, handcrafted feel and taste of the breweries they visited. Not only did they love the beers, they loved the communities they visited as well. Their vision soon grew from a few beers to over 40 different brews.

The brewery's tin roof came from the brewer's grandfather's feedlot, and the tin on the bar top came from his parents' farm. The taproom will feature two large wooden barn doors, which separate the taproom from the overflow space. The event center and patio in the back will be perfect for the brewery's upcoming events. In addition to serving beer, the owners plan to hold live music in the taproom as well.

The taproom features 16 beer taps on either side of the brewery's bar. Eventually, the brewery will offer 16 varieties on tap. It will be the first microbrewery in the area. The goal is to have 16 brews on draft, with more being added as time goes on. The taproom will begin with small batches, but once they find what works, they'll serve them on a regular basis. The first three brews will include a blonde ale and a porter. Cranky Man will be another beer that's been a big hit.

The new brewery, called Back Shed Brewing, will open in the former Crafts Direct Outlet Store. The brewery will feature a variety of music, food trucks and a patio. It will be dog-friendly. The tin roof of the building came from Schlecht's grandfather's feedlot, and the tin around the bar is from his parent's farm. In addition to the beer, the taproom also has a large wooden barn door that separates the taproom from the overflow space.

The brewery will open in a former Crafts Direct outlet store, on the backside of a building in Waite Park. It will feature six to eight beers on tap, including an IPA, cranberry mango blonde ale and two sours. There will be a full menu of beers on draft, which will change frequently. It will also feature a variety of food trucks and live entertainment. The brewery will be dog-friendly.

Located in Waite Park, the brewery will offer beer from four to eight barrels. The first batch will feature a blonde ale, cranberry mango blonde ale, IPA, two sours and two seltzers. The brewery will also host several special events and parties. In addition to beer, the brewery will also feature a live music stage. In addition to beer, the brewery is a popular destination for locals and visitors.

The Back Shed

In March 2000, the brothers Schlecht decided to open a beer brewery in their back shed. They had enjoyed traveling to different areas of the U.S. to find craft breweries and savored the culture and uniqueness of each. They decided to start brewing their own beer and wanted a place where they could sell their wares and share the resulting brew with their friends and family.

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